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If you don’t already know us, we are EVANOFF, a Denver-based electronic-rock trio on a mission to play the music the world is missing right now.

We fuse heavy rock, with the deep and technical sounds of electronic music. If you’ve been waiting for futuristic guitar-driven bangers… so have we… and we decided to do something about it.

We are so grateful to share this new sound with you, and hope it help you find some peace in this crazy world.

We are so glad you're here, and we want to give you a...


- Only 300 available -

- Only 300 available -


You’ll get this SIGNED CD of our first full-length concept album SINGULARITY, a concept album that provokes thought and conversation about humans’ relationship with technology in our ever advancing world. And you will also get:

  • Signed CD

  • ​Assortment Of Evanoff Stickers

  • Lyric Sheet 

  • Free Digital Download

  • Secret Track... (Only On The CD)

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