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EVANOFF family & history

EVANOFF was born in Boulder & bred in Denver creating what is to us a truly appreciative fan base that we continually like to keep involved with! From thick and thin, you guys have been with us from the beginning, brought incredible amounts of energy to our shows and even showed us how far you guys will go to bring us to places around the country. There are ALWAYS ways that you can get involved with us for our shows from promoting online events, putting posters up in a town they will be playing at or even spreading word through sharing music to people in your area. 


The Fox Theatre & The Boulder Theater / BOULDER, CO

Boulder, Colorado has had a huge influence on this group and it is also where we played our first ever show back in 2014 when the group only consisted of JJ Evanoff and Parker Oberhozler. The Fox and Boulder Theater have been crucial in the development of this group.